Tigers on Trains; new demo on myspace

Tigers on Trains. Simply put, we love this band.

We fell in love with them fast and hard.

Their latest full length album, Grandfather came out this past August, as their fan-base increased at a rate which was probably exponential. This is due to the youtube-brand new-fiasco (Google it?). At least, that’s how we shamelessly discovered them (Ok, maybe there’s a little bit of shame considering we didn’t discover them earlier .. But whatever, it’s great music). The two guys, Mason Maggio and Christian Van Deurs, have also started a new project, called The Republic of Wolves. Their first EP (His Old Branches – check it out if you know whats good for you and your ears) dropped last month with a beyond smooth landing.

Along with the simplicity of our love for this band, so is the strumming of their guitars – which must be endowed with magical powers  – in practically all their songs. All of their songs, new and old, have a serious folk sound – so much damn strumming and nothing else! No piano, no drums, just strumming along. For someone like me who is tone/pitch deaf and overall musically retarded (what am I doing writing a music blog?), their songs do not tend to differ from each other musically. But this simplicity  just WORKS for Tigers on Trains. That is because the beauty of their music lies within the lyrics and the simple raw transition of emotion into instrumental sound. These men have the ability to isolate a moment so beautifully that the music is all you care to hear.

There is now a new demo on their myspace, Canossa:

And sure enough we spent the day

Dreaming of ways to make the past come back

We drew the sky up on the wall

You drew the sun and I drew the clouds

That’s when I realized I was casting all this shade

Or listen to Canossa on their myspace .

As for us, we are still trying to wrap our heads around how two guys that are this young (they must be at least under 25), are capable of thinking such complex thoughts and creating such beautiful words and music; It is at the level of someone who has gone through life and figured out all of the great questions of what it means to be alive. They must have a hell of a life filled with a mountain of heartache!

My last thoughts for you; trust me when I say that that best way to spend a lonesome snowy day is in bed under a warm blanket while listening to Tigers on Trains.

Tigers on Trains – Interview

– the wolf & the sheep


8 responses to “Tigers on Trains; new demo on myspace

  1. Most other bands posting youtube videos pretending to be Brand New would annoy the hell out of me and all other Brand New fans, but these guys are the real deal.. and I think that the majority of people who have discovered them because of the whole youtube thing are probably just as in love with them as you guys are.. I know I am! These bands have been on repeat ever since you showed me them 🙂
    Well written post, sheep!

  2. haha i believe it was a friend of the band! so that makes it less terrible.. check it out > http://thenjunderground.com/blog/2009/8/20/band-spotlight-the-republic-of-wolves.html

  3. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

  4. Great review. Only I really enjoy the guitars as well, even though I agree the Lyrics are what sets this band apart. And I must add that the melodies are so engaging. Musically, these guys have created a masterpiece. I like the way the opening song grabs you by the ears, and slowly, each piece lifts you ever higher, spins you around a bit, and then gently lowers you back to Earth. I really think I could listen to the music without the voices and still be quite pleased.

    • Oh Richard, we totally agree! Sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves with how much we love words and forget that it is the sound of the music that lulls you into wherever your mind takes you! This band as an equal whole is tremendous and we have nothing but praise for every word and every note!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and stopping by! 🙂

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