all of the candles on the cake;

Okay, I know this is a music blog and we’re only supposed to really talk about music but sometimes in this crazy world there are certain things that are *bigger* than music! BIRTHDAYS! Birthdays are bigger than music – especially when the person whose birth you’re celebrating is the most spectacular person to ever graze the great terrains of this planet Earth (besides myself).

So, I would like to take this moment to wish our very own little Sheep (mastermind behind all things genius) a wonderful, outstanding, extraordinary, unforgettable, amazing, remarkable, beautiful birthday! You are literally a festival and a parade all in one. Let the high beams shining on your back never go out because my world would not glow nearly as bright without you in it. All of the wine is all for you tonight (just make sure it’s white)!

Happy Birthday! I love you!


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