Kevin Devine – New Song (Untitled, thus far);

I recently stumbled upon a Youtube video of Kevin Devine debuting a new song at the Die Neuwe Anita in Amsterdam. As with almost all of Kevin Devine’s songs, his lyrics are spot on and grab hold of your attention immediately. The melody is that of hesitant and soft guitar strumming and its simplicity fits perfectly with the atmosphere of this song.

I am going to go ahead and say that this is not the complete song because it seems as if it starts mid-verse but anything is better than nothing and hey, I can not wait for the new Kevin Devine CD.

Let the pining begin!

You’re a mirror I could not avoid
Strung out and jittery and paranoid
A leaky battery that can’t keep charged
Get in the car
Say what you mean, explain yourself to me
And I’ll try not to judge you more than you would
Let me help, I promise not to tell
Not like anyone’s asking or anyone should

Special thanks to Cali369 for being awesome enough to record and post the video up on Youtube.

Kevin Devine’s Myspace


4 responses to “Kevin Devine – New Song (Untitled, thus far);

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  2. Hmm that’s interessting but honestly i have a hard time figuring it… I’m wondering what others have to say….

  3. Thanks for sharing my recording – I think the song was complete, it was my bad not being ready with my camera for the start of the song. And the audience are way too noisy 😦

    Funny, this song has now turned up on the new Bad Books album.

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