WATS Presents: The Sugary Smell of Springtime (Spring 2010 Mix)

It is with great pleasure that we, both Wolf and Sheep, present you with The Sugary Smell of Springtime (Remembering When You Were Mine) Mix! We hope that it fills your spring days with the perfect combination of sound creating just the right mood to help you blend into the gorgeous weather and stay there, at least for a little while (1 hour, 3 minutes and 34 seconds – if we’re getting technical).

Click here to download! Yes, here. Right here. Yeah, this is the place. Yep, download by clicking right here. Right here. Come on, you know you want to!


All artwork created by the Queen of the Quarry (the Sheep)! Drop a comment if you have a chance and let her know what a beautiful job she did! All mixing and flowing done by the Big (not so bad) Wolf, so don’t forget to tell her how impeccable her flow is!

13 responses to “WATS Presents: The Sugary Smell of Springtime (Spring 2010 Mix)

  1. Downloading now, will listen tomorrow. Good choices!

  2. HeY~~ you meet me at the Taps and said to check out your work.. very cool and thorough. Keep up the diligence and flourish in the melody. Take care of our friend Page and keep on rocking in the freeworld.

  3. Super awesome! Thanks guys!


  4. talk about getting a great start to spring! thanks so much! made my week πŸ™‚

  5. i’ve been driving to this all week (with a few additions of my own!) love it

  6. Got linked to the site through LJ. I can’t wait to give this mix a good listen. I hope its as amazing as it seems at first glance. I will try to stop by your site on a regular basis (you seem right up my alley!)

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