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Kevin Devine – The Ballad of St. Fred ;

Kevin Devine just keeps the treats coming, doesn’t he? I’ll answer that for you: Yes, he does. Here’s another one from the Brooklyn Boy:

And of course, because we love lyrics almost as much as we love chewing large quantities of gum all at once – we present you with –

Kevin Devine – The Ballad of St. Fred Lyrics

i came into this world as a reject
locking my eyes in your sea
the size of the flames
dwelling on the past thats burning in my brain
and everyone that burns has to learn from the pain
i think about the day my girl ran away
from the pain when fellas came to play
now shes stuck with a friend she fucked
a sucker with a lump in my throat
like a chump, like a chump, like a chump
hey, like a chump
oh, like a chump
like a chump, like a chump,
hey like a chump
should i be feeling bad
should i be feeling good
it’s kind of sad
i’m the laughing stock of my neighborhood
yeah you think that i’d be moving on
but im a sucker like i said
fucked up in the head
and maybe she made a mistake
and i should just give her a break
either way my heart will ache
so what the hell do you want me to say
i wont lie that i cant deny that i did it all
so you can take that
and stick it up your yeah
and stick it up your yeah
and why did i wait so long
why did it take so long to figure it out but i did it
so long to figure it out but i did it
im the only one under the sun that didnt get it
im the only one under the sun that didnt get it
and i cant believe that id be deceived
oh like a chump like a chump like a chump
hey like a chump oh like a chump
like a chump like a chump hey like a chump
and i did it all so you can take that and stick it up your yeah
and stick it up your yeah and stick it up your yeah oh

Take your head out of your yeah and download this song for free over here!

P.S. Any sous chefs around? Just wondering what jam would beautifully suit some sheep meat. Please feel free to leave any and all suggestions!

Download ‘The Ballad of St. Fred’ here!
‘The Ballad of St. Fred’ on iLike
Kevin Devine’s Myspace

Yukon Blonde; fun fun fun!

In just 5 days, 700 Canadaian musicians rocked out all over Toronto’s venues, sharing their music with the nations most important ‘music people’ (this festival was a few months ago… better late than never though, right?!). I was lucky to attend one night of this festival, very excited to see The Balconies and The Wooden Sky. Now, while I, the sheep, am used to wooly curl-rings laying around all over the farm from my family, I must say…. I have never seen so much facial hair and ink all on one place. Despite this culture shock (if you will), I discovered a new band worthy of much attention that night.

Ladies and gentlesheep, I bring you YUKON BLONDE!

Sitting through the openers at a concert can be extremely tedious – all you want is to see the band you came for. They can never be as good as the band you came to see because you just don’t have the same excitement for them. This was not the case for the nights openers YB.

Yukon Blonde, as pictured above, literally started the night off with boom. I came wanting to see the other bands, but these guys just blew me away. They ended their set with an epic 3 minute or so jam session and they managed to set the bar high for the rest of the acts. They used all five band members to create powerful vocals and background vocals. These guys just came off to me as a group of friends who just want to live life and make music together, and it works for them. They put on a fantastic, energetic, and overall FUN show, which is probably why I went on their myspace as soon as I got home that night. It is bands like these that are memorable to us – their energy lets you know that they are there to share their music with you, and that is it. Their energy lets the audience know that the band respects us, and that we deserve to hear them at their best. So, on that note, check these guys out!:

Brides Song
Wind Blows (Seriously, you wont be able to get this song out of your head)

This summer, Yukon Blonde is playing some shows with Good Old War (!!!) in several states, so be sure to check out a show if you live in the area!

Oh, *this just in* – a FREE, yes entirely FREE .mp3 of ‘Wind Blows’ is up for *free* and LEGAL download RIGHT HERE ON AMAZON.COM!

Yukon Blonde’s Myspace (with tour dates w/ Good Old War
Yukon Blonde’s Official Site

Your long absent but (most likely) back for good friends,
the wolf feat. the sheep the head of the animal farm and her predatory side kick

The National – High Violet

Woah woah woah woah woah! Listen to The National’s new album High Violet. This new masterpiece is going to drop in stores on May 11th.

Listen to the whole album HERE!
Listen to the whole album HERE!
Listen to the whole album HERE!
Listen to the whole album HERE!
Listen to the whole album HERE!

Let us know what you think!

The National’s Myspace
The National’s Website

Congrats to our winners!

We have randomly selected three people who entered our MiniBoone Contest, and these are the winners!:
Jenny, Vivian, and Alicia!
Congrats, and thank you everyone for participating!

Everyone make sure to check out this amazing band! They’re going places this summer, that is for sure!

Record Store Day (exclusives!);

In honor of Record Store Day, Sub Pop Records was generous enough to offer up some songs for streaming. These songs are all available on the exclusive vinyl records (also from other bands that are not on Sub Pop) that are being sold in celebration of today.

Beach House – The Arrangementbysubpop

The Album Leaf – There Is A Wind (Acoustic)bysubpop

CocoRosie – Lemonadebysubpop

Comets on Fire – Dogwood Rustbysubpop

Dum Dum Girls – Pay For Mebysubpop

Happy Birthday – Shampoobysubpop

Male Bonding – Before It’s Gonebysubpop

Soundgarden – Hunted Downbysubpop

Find a participating store near you here, get out there and pick something up!

CONTEST; Win A Copy of MiniBoone’s ‘Big Changes’!!!

Hello Everyone! So, even though we’re been terrible bloggers lately, we are proud to bring you the first ever contest here at WATS! Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win one of three copies of MiniBoone’s Big Changes. Be sure to fill our your email field! Three winners will be randomly drawn on April 13/2010! Good luck!


1. Summer Jam (click to listen!)

2. Cool Kids Cut Out of the Heart Itself

3. Devil In Your Eyes (click to listen!)

4. Rosalina Must Dance Alone

5. I Need

6. Funny Money

– The Wolf & The Sheep

Be sure to also:

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Band of Horses – Compliments;

If you haven’t heard (c’mon you’ve heard, right?) Band of Horses is set to release its third full length studio album on May 18, 2010. Are you excited for it? It’s okay, you can admit it – come on, it’s alright to be excited about something, don’t be shy. Well, we are and we are also excited (so much excitement) to bring you the first track off of the much anticipated Infinite Arms titled ‘Compliments.’

So, now that you’ve been reminded (you totally knew before reading this), be sure to bold the calendar box for the 18th of May, trace its four sides with your favorite colored glitter pen and inside of the box paste a picture of a cute little horse head (Godfather imagery not included) and then wait, patiently – crossing off the days one by one with your favorite pastel colored gel pen.

Until then though, be sure to listen to ‘Compliments’ as much as you’d like by taking advantage of the download link below, which will help hold you over.

Download Band of Horses – Compliments MP3 here.

Oh, yeah and what do you think? I think it’s great and if the rest of the CD is this good, it will definitely be one of my most played of the summer. However, I’m not sure what the Sheep thinks yet because she is on a double date with Dorian Gray and destiny and to be honest, that’s not really something I feel comfortable interrupting – sheep are very passionate beasts, you know.

Band of Horses – Compliments lyrics
(I think)

I’m fixing a drink in the morning
With the way things are, you may have stayed too long
It’s splitting a part at the seams from the hospital call
You’ve known him so long
If there’s a God up in the air
Someone looking over everyone
At least you’ve got something to fall back on
And deep in the heart of the country
Was a house I built from logs
A raven and a lady call
I’m quiet and calm through the day
See the sun burn through the hall
Approaching was a yellow dog
If there’s a God up in the air
Someone looking over everyone
At least you’ve got something to fall back on
And what are people really for?
Does anybody even care?
I bet you get a lot of compliments down there
If there’s a God up in the air
Someone looking over everyone
At least you’ve got something to fall back on
And do you got something to say?
Is it something coming over you?
And do you got important things left to do?

The track listing for Infinite Arms goes a little something like this:

01. Factory
02. Compliments
03. Laredo
04. Blue Beard
05. On My Way Back Home
06. Infinite Arms
07. Dilly
08. Evening Kitchen
09. Older
10. For Annabelle
11. NW Apt.
12. Neighbor

Band of Horses Myspace
Pre-order ‘Infinite Arms’ here.

Bon Iver – Come Talk To Me (Peter Gabriel cover);

A while ago, even before the fruitful seeds of spring had been sown into the ground, we made a post regarding Bon Iver’s ‘Flume’ covered by no other than Peter Gabriel (here). Well, today we bring you just the opposite!

On April 17, 2010, in celebration of “Record Store Day” a special Vinyl of the two covers is being released. More information can be found here on the Vintage Vinyl website.

Vernon could have picked up a guitar and taken a standard approach to the cover, but that is not how a Bon Iver project works. Its very spirit has become collaborative and experimental. By enlisting the help of Bon Iver regular Sean Carey, as well his sister and brother in law, Vernon made this a Bon Iver affair, and expanded the Bon Iver family yet further.

Vintage Vinyl

So, be sure (SURE) to check out Bon Iver’s cover of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Come Talk To Me’ and if you, you know, like it – borrow it, try it on, see how it fits and then buy it!

I can imagine the moment
Breaking out through the silence
All the things that we both might say
And the heart it will not be denied
‘Til we’re both on the same damn side
All the barriers blown away

I said please talk to me
Won’t you please come talk to me
Just like it used to be
Come on, come talk to me
I did not come to steal
This all is so unreal
Can you show me how you feel now
Come on, come talk to me

Download Bon Iver – Come Talk To Me (Peter Gabriel cover) MP3 here.

Oh, and we promise to stop being crappy and non-existent bloggers soon – really soon. Forgive us?

Purchase the Vinyl here.
Purchase the MP3’s here.