Band of Horses – Compliments;

If you haven’t heard (c’mon you’ve heard, right?) Band of Horses is set to release its third full length studio album on May 18, 2010. Are you excited for it? It’s okay, you can admit it – come on, it’s alright to be excited about something, don’t be shy. Well, we are and we are also excited (so much excitement) to bring you the first track off of the much anticipated Infinite Arms titled ‘Compliments.’

So, now that you’ve been reminded (you totally knew before reading this), be sure to bold the calendar box for the 18th of May, trace its four sides with your favorite colored glitter pen and inside of the box paste a picture of a cute little horse head (Godfather imagery not included) and then wait, patiently – crossing off the days one by one with your favorite pastel colored gel pen.

Until then though, be sure to listen to ‘Compliments’ as much as you’d like by taking advantage of the download link below, which will help hold you over.

Download Band of Horses – Compliments MP3 here.

Oh, yeah and what do you think? I think it’s great and if the rest of the CD is this good, it will definitely be one of my most played of the summer. However, I’m not sure what the Sheep thinks yet because she is on a double date with Dorian Gray and destiny and to be honest, that’s not really something I feel comfortable interrupting – sheep are very passionate beasts, you know.

Band of Horses – Compliments lyrics
(I think)

I’m fixing a drink in the morning
With the way things are, you may have stayed too long
It’s splitting a part at the seams from the hospital call
You’ve known him so long
If there’s a God up in the air
Someone looking over everyone
At least you’ve got something to fall back on
And deep in the heart of the country
Was a house I built from logs
A raven and a lady call
I’m quiet and calm through the day
See the sun burn through the hall
Approaching was a yellow dog
If there’s a God up in the air
Someone looking over everyone
At least you’ve got something to fall back on
And what are people really for?
Does anybody even care?
I bet you get a lot of compliments down there
If there’s a God up in the air
Someone looking over everyone
At least you’ve got something to fall back on
And do you got something to say?
Is it something coming over you?
And do you got important things left to do?

The track listing for Infinite Arms goes a little something like this:

01. Factory
02. Compliments
03. Laredo
04. Blue Beard
05. On My Way Back Home
06. Infinite Arms
07. Dilly
08. Evening Kitchen
09. Older
10. For Annabelle
11. NW Apt.
12. Neighbor

Band of Horses Myspace
Pre-order ‘Infinite Arms’ here.


3 responses to “Band of Horses – Compliments;

  1. The 18th of May is going to be an epic day… the Black Keys are releasing their new album that day too!

    I’m going to go ahead and guess that I’ll be completely unproductive at work that first day, at least while I’m listening to those two albums.

    • Kitchenette for the sake of the world you better be as productive as possible at work – because if you get fired and have to give up the luxurious life of baking before the Sheep gets to sink her flat grinders into a nice soy bean latte, gluten free, extra gluten, peanut butter and jelly bean cupcake, there is going to be a problem!

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the music! Don’t be a stranger.

      – The Wolf & The Sheep

  2. Love this, thanks for the very informative post! And thank you very very much for the kind words about my Beach House review on Loud Nothings, I am in love with that show! I too am impressed at how technically sound the live show was. Thanks =)

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