Roger Waters Tour; The Wall Live

Roger Waters is doing a The Wall tour which will kick off in Toronto on September 15/16 – I mean really, is there any better place to start off such a tour than the land of the brave and the fre— wait a second… Anyways, these are the thus announced dates:

Toronto, Canada Wednesday 9/15/2010
Toronto, Canada Thursday 9/16/2010
Chicago, IL Monday 9/20/2010
Chicago, IL Tuesday 9/21/2010
Pittsburgh, PA Sunday 9/26/2010
Cleveland, OH Tuesday 9/28/2010
Boston, MA Thursday 9/30/2010
New York, NY Tuesday 10/5/2010
Buffalo, NY Friday 10/8/2010
Washington, DC Sunday 10/10/2010
Uniondale, NY Tuesday 10/12/2010
Civic Center) Hartford, CT Friday 10/15/2010
Centre) Kanata, Canada Sunday 10/17/2010
Montreal, Canada Tuesday 10/19/2010
Columbus, OH Friday 10/22/2010
Auburn Hills, MI Sunday 10/24/2010
Omaha, NE Tuesday 10/26/2010r
Saint Paul, MN Wednesday 10/27/2010
Saint Louis, MO Friday 10/29/2010
Kansas City, MO Saturday 10/30/2010
East Rutherford, NJ Wednesday 11/3/2010
Philadelphia, PA Monday 11/8/2010
Philadelphia, PA Tuesday 11/9/2010
Fort Lauderdale, FL Saturday 11/13/2010
Tampa, FL Tuesday 11/16/2010
Houston, TX Saturday 11/20/2010
Dallas, TX Sunday 11/21/2010
Denver, CO Tuesday 11/23/2010
Las Vegas, NV Friday 11/26/2010
Phoenix, AZ Saturday 11/27/2010
Los Angeles, CA Monday 11/29/2010
San Jose, CA Monday 12/6/2010
Vancouver, Canada Friday 12/10/2010
Tacoma, WA Saturday 12/11/2010
Arrowhead Pond) Anaheim, CA Monday

Father Sheep (goat?), if you are reading this, please proceed to ticketmaster to purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale. Thanks! Tickets go on sale to the public on May 10.

Official Site – keep checking for ticket info

– wolvesamongthesheep


5 responses to “Roger Waters Tour; The Wall Live

  1. What the hell does that mean? The land of the brave and fre- The reality is you american dimwits are more locked up than you’d like to believe. This insulted me.

  2. I saw Roger Waters in concert a few years back, and is voice is still amazing many years later! But Roger Waters Tickets go sky high priced. Even that, I’ve never miss his concerts & I can’t wait to see him again this summer.

  3. You missed September 18 will be held at Air Canada Centre in Toronto,Canada as well.He’s one of the best which i can say a legend.He’s multi talented,singer and playing different musical instruments.

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