The National – Live on Youtube

If you happened to have missed The National’s live Youtube performancedo not worry – you can watch (some of?) it live here!

And for those of you, you know, interested in setlists:

1. Mistaken For Strangers 2. Anyone’s Ghost 3. Bloodbuzz Ohio 4. Afraid Of Everyone 5. Secret Meeting 6. Slow Show 7. Squalor Victoria 8. Little Faith 9. All The Wine 10. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks 11. Conversation 16 12. Apartment Story 13. Abel 14. Sorrow 15. England 16. Fake Empire

17. Runaway 18. Lemonworld 19. Mr. November 20. Terrible Love

Yeah, that’s right a 20 song set. Shit.

Photo credit goes to someone who was lucky enough to get tickets: here.
What the hell am I even talking about? Here.
The National’s Official Website


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