Radiohead; Look out world, we’ve got a new album coming

The art is to not give in, to carry on, persevere. You just have to keep going. The great thing about Nigel is; he raises the bar. He drives you hard. You think you’ve done the take, you think you’ve done your overdub, you think it’s in there and then he says: ‘Maybe one more time’. He gets the best performances out of you. He’s amazing. Cause he also drives himself really hard as well. The quality of the stuff that he does is really high. So, it’s good to be driven hard. (Guitarist Ed O’Brien on producer Nigel Godrich )

Radiohead is just wrapping up their latest album and it should released before the end of 2010. Read an interview here, O’brien souds really excited about to whole process of their new album.

He says that it might be “the best record [they’ve] ever made”. But seriously, what could possibly beat the perfect beauty of In Rainbows? We’re waiting to find out!

Also, this means TOUR DATES . I have been waiting to check Radiohead off my list.. and this should be one golden check mark.

Radiohead’s Myspace
Radiohead’s Webside


3 responses to “Radiohead; Look out world, we’ve got a new album coming

  1. gahhhh so excited. thanks for sharing. (:

  2. thank you for providing a lazy rh fan with important updates

  3. me likey this news!

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