About Us

We are two girls (ladies) who go by the pseudonyms The Wolf and The Sheep (no one knows Cher’s real name, right?). The woods of America and the terrains of Canada have launched us, two wide eyed species, into the blog-o-world where we plan to hunt, chew, digest and regurgitate our opinions on fantastic sounds of melody interwoven with haunting voices that bring meaning to unexplainable feelings.

We are obsessed with a lot of things (naturally) which may or may not include fights, white wine, citrus fruits, links, text messages, emoticons, bad drivers, FWD:, Chris, prestigious cheeses, airmail, the perfect words, and books of shit.

Above all of these things, however, what binds us most is our love for music. It took us long enough to find a way in which to take advantage of our passion and a direction in which to steer it but time is fleeting and we’re happy to finally be here, putting thoughts to written word and though we may only be a tiny cog in the giant ever spinning wheel that is the internet (for now!) we’re doing our best to be an outlet to shine bright lights on artists who truly deserve it.

For anyone reading this or anything on this here site at any time between now and 2012 (the end of the world), we truly do appreciate you, your time and your curiosity and we hope you like us enough to keep coming back for more! Your thoughts, ideas, feelings (you know we love feelings), viewpoints, sarcasm, humor, prose and poetry (for the adventurous) on what we share (or how your day has been so far – we love to talk) is forever (or until 2012) warmly welcomed with open arms, so, please feel free to comment, always!

Never hesitate to send us an Email, either! It doesn’t always have to be about music, perhaps you may find yourself making a cheese plate for your father’s poker night and you need our fine expertise on the subject or you just feel like sending an Email into the abyss, we are your kind of people!


2 responses to “About Us

  1. solid stuff. Keep dreamin’

  2. Awesome!

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