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Classic Rock Mix

Woah, is this actually a post from the lazy animals? I guess it is…
Last weekend was my fathers 50th birthday (if you see him, tell the old sheep that his wool looks not a day over 40), and I decided, naturally, to make him a mix cd of some of his favourite songs that I have heard a million times since I could hear. There is no common theme or anything, just plain old rock n roll (well mostly..) Here it is:

Black Dog – Led Zeppelin
Cocaine – Eric Clapton
Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
Bad Case Of Loving You – Robert Palmer
White Bird – It’s A Beautiful Day
Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young
In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
Space Odditiy – David Bowie
While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles
Speak To Me/Breathe – Pink Floyd
Hey Hey My My – Neil Young
Layla – Eric Clapton
Putting Out The Fire With Gasoline – David Bowie
Tiny Dancer – Elton John
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Eric Clapton
Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

download it here


WATS Presents: Summer Clothes – A Mix for the Sunshine!

Hello everyone! We hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather and nicely tanned (at least for you olive people out there…)! We have been working on this mix for a while now, and it has been a little difficult because our little wolf is in europe and 6 hours ahead, which is why we’re posting this AFTER the first day of summer. We bring you these songs from Canada and Italy (there’s not italian music… but there IS canadian music!).

Anyways, this mix was inspired simply by what we think people (our readers) want to hear in the summertime. Summer music, like summer clothes, is specific and essential in this hot hot heat! The mix starts with a very high energy and ends on a lower key, while keeping the same momentum. Enjoy this driving in the car with the windows down, while hanging out with friends tanning in the backyard or anywhere that has sunshine – Enjoy!

01. Safe in LA – Gold Motel***
02. Lost Coastlines – Okkervil River
03. Sunshine – Old Man River
04. Ocean Breathes Salty – Modest Mouse
05 . Middle Management – Bishop Allen
06. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss – Built to Spill
07. Music Will Not Last – Jamie Lidell
08. Lust for Life – Girls
09. Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep
10. The Ghost Inside – Broken Bells
11. Song for Sunshine – Belle and Sebastian
12. Love You Better – The Maccabees
13. Perfect in my Mind – Gold Motel***
14. In Transit – Albert Hammond, Jr
15. Jasper – Aidan Knight
16. Boat Behind – Kings of Connivence
17. Wandering – The Preacher’s Sons

Download here!
Download here!
Download here!

***Please note, the two songs by Gold Motel have been taken down and out of the playlist by request. This tracklist is our original one, however, when you download the file tracks 01 and 13 will be missing. Please add the tracks to the mix if you own them on your own computer!***

WATS Presents: Lit Up With Proof (The sexiest mix you’ll ever listen to!)

If you haven’t already heard (listen up!) we are wholeheartedly fond of selectively choosing songs for our joint-effort mixes.

After tireless months (slight exaggeration, oops) of contemplating what the next topic for a WATS mix should be, the Sheepish One (inspired by one of the tunes on this very collection of songs, actually) suggested a ‘sexy theme’ mix. I, for one, was immediately appalled and disgusted thought that this was a great idea! Scurrying away, into the depths of our Itunes, in search of the perfect blend of songs to create what unintentionally turned out to be a pretty serene, soft and sensual group of songs, that we are very proud of.

As you could imagine, the criteria for the selection of each song was incredibly tedious. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that tedious but there were times where we found ourselves actually engaging in these types of conversations:

Sheep: I don’t know if Tautou is sexy enough to stay on this playlist
Wolf: I think the sexiest part of Tautou is that you can basically hear JTL’s tongue sticking to the top of his mouth and coming down again.

And so, Tautou stayed and we continued to gather and dispose until we ended up with 13 songs that fit just right. Only the best for you guys.

WATS Presents: Lit Up With Proof (The Sexy Mix of 2010)
WATS Presents: Lit Up With Proof (The Sexy Mix of 2010)
WATS Presents: Lit Up With Proof (The Sexy Mix of 2010)
WATS Presents: Lit Up With Proof (The Sexy Mix of 2010)
WATS Presents: Lit Up With Proof (The Sexy Mix of 2010)

So, as Mother Nature has already provided the sounds of the heat that the Summer brings (the wind, the rain, the chirping, the chatter) it is with great pleasure that we present you with a compilation of sounds to accompany that other kind of heat (crossing lines jumping right over the lines, at this point).


Oh, and just incase you missed it:
WATS Presents: Lit Up With Proof (The Sexy Mix of 2010)


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WATS Presents: The Sugary Smell of Springtime (Spring 2010 Mix)

It is with great pleasure that we, both Wolf and Sheep, present you with The Sugary Smell of Springtime (Remembering When You Were Mine) Mix! We hope that it fills your spring days with the perfect combination of sound creating just the right mood to help you blend into the gorgeous weather and stay there, at least for a little while (1 hour, 3 minutes and 34 seconds – if we’re getting technical).

Click here to download! Yes, here. Right here. Yeah, this is the place. Yep, download by clicking right here. Right here. Come on, you know you want to!


All artwork created by the Queen of the Quarry (the Sheep)! Drop a comment if you have a chance and let her know what a beautiful job she did! All mixing and flowing done by the Big (not so bad) Wolf, so don’t forget to tell her how impeccable her flow is!