Best of 2009

Top 5 albums of 2009:

Below each pick, there is a link to listen to our favourite song from each album.

1. Brand New – Daisy

Be Gone

(Alright, ‘Be Gone’ is definitely not our favourite track..but it was like trying to choose a favourite child – so, we chose the ugliest one..)

2. The Antlers – Hospice


3. Built to Spill – There Is No Enemy

Things Fall Apart

4. Tigers on Trains – Grandfather

A Year In The Garden Shed

5. Kevin Devin – Brother’s Blood



Top 3 EPs of 2009:

1. The Republic of Wolves – His Old Branches

His Old Branches

2. Bon Iver – Blood Bank

Blood Bank

3. Destroyer – Bay of Pigs

Destroyer – Bay of Pigs


The Wolf Mouth’s Picks:

1. Metric – Fantasies


2. Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career

Away With Murder


The Sheep Skin’s Picks:

1. David Bazan – Curse Your Branches

Lost My Shape

2. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadues Phoenix



The Song of 2009:


The Antlers – Two

Not a bad year, eh?

10 responses to “Best of 2009

  1. Excellent choices! I like the way you hear….

  2. Pingback: The Republic of Wolves – The Clouds (demo); « pick apart the past

  3. couldn’t agree with you more about bloodbank. I’ve listening to it at least 10 times in the past 2 days.

  4. Hiii. Destroy bay of Pigs. I’ve never felt like I feel right now listening to this. I have the EP from a friend and you inspired me to finally crack into it. It’s too incredible..Dan is real. Thanks!

  5. Very nice list. I discovered 4 bands that had not crossed paths with me.
    I may have to feature them on my humble blog one of these days!


  6. The Republic of Wolves: Christian Van Deurs and Mason Maggio get acoustic! Tigers on Trains playing at the Vail Leavitt Music Hall in Riverhead! Thursday June 10. 7pm Tix are $5, 6 at the door. It’s a fantastic small venue. Only 200 seats. It will sell out. It’s a restored 19th century auditorium. Beautiful!
    If yo miss this, be sure to see The Republic of Wolves @ Vibe Lounge 6/26, Saturday,
    June 26, 2010 5:00pm – 9:30pm
    The Vibe Lounge, 60 north park ave
    Rockville Centre, NY

  7. So i like the song but isnt “two” by The Antlers extremely close to “a perfect sonnet” by Bright Eyes

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