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MiniBoone – All This Stuff Is Love

There are two types of music out there: music that wants you to take it seriously, and music that just wants you to have fun with it. The cold fall and winter months are better fit for the first kind, and the spring and summer are meant for easy listening of the latter. With that being said, we bring you MiniBoone who have created a perfect collection of sounds for the upcoming season!

MiniBoone were included on our spring playlist (download link can be found here with the track Devil In Your Eyes). They are brooklyn based group, and released a debut EP called Big Changes in 01/2010. This is a short and sweet EP that simply explodes in your ears with the first track. Summer Jam is nothing more than what it sounds like; a fun and carefree summer song to listen to with your friends. This song picks you up, and the rest of the EP doesn’t let you come back down until the last track, Funny Money. Rosalina Must Dance Alone takes a bittersweet approach to music’s greatest theme: LOVE. It compares the meaning of love at the teenage level to the adult level. Needless to say, these guys aren’t just coming up with amazing guitar solos (such as in I Need) and catchy melodies with filler lyrics.

tell me why I feel the way I do
I get chills the way God brings the radio
your favourite song, it’s just for you
cool breeze, laughing in the summer

tell me why I feel the way I do
I get chills
I love you still, I love you still

[Audio https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3715880/01%20Summer%20Jam.mp3%5D
Summer Jam

This music is just bursting with an energy that is waiting for you to feel it, to listen to it, and to live through it. There is a damn-I-feel-great feeling that MiniBoone resonates onto us with their jumpy sound. So far we only have six songs from these guys, and a whole lot of promise. The 20 minutes pass by in what seems like 2 minutes – the fast sounds will bounce into your of ears and off the walls, through the air and back again before you can even get the chance to catch the fleeting noise. Whatever they bring for us in the future, we are excited to hear.

Their website says this: “The new MiniBoone EP, “Big Changes” is out today! Yes! Today! Meaning right now! Why are we so full of exclamation marks? Because MiniBoone is the most exciting new band on the planet.”
And it’s true. They’re exciting. They’re loud. They’re intense. They’re honest. They’re bouncy, they’re energetic, they’re fucking great. Enjoy!

– the wolf and the sheep

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