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Kevin Devine; She Stayed As A Stream

Now that FIFA madness is over, we can get back to the real world..

I for one feel like this blog posts a tad too much Kevin Devine. Agreed? Well if only he didn’t have all that music in his mouth, then we wouldn’t have anything to post 😉

She Stayed As A Stream, which came out earlier as a demo version, is now avaiable for a free download over at the Favorite Gentlemen’s website (Record label owned by Manchester Orchestra, which KevDev is signed to along with All Get Out). The single is on his 2010 EP along with 3 other new tracks!

The Demo Version:


The Mastered Version:


Which do you guys like better? I am undecided because they are both great tracks, yet are so different from one another. I find that the new version is more patient, thoughtful and darker, while the demo does the job its supposed to do: make you fall in love with the rawness of a song enough to want more. But hey, why choose? Just enjoy both

It’s friday night and I am hungry
for a hand, a mouth a body
a love I wouldn’t have to carry

– wolves among the sheep

Kevin Devine – You Wouldn’t Have to Ask ;

Two new Kevin Devine songs making their way onto the internet in one week? Sounds like a great thing to me! Here’s a video to another new Kevin Devine song titled ‘You Wouldn’t Have to Ask,’ along with the lyrics to accompany it. Unfortunately, the song is only about two minutes long but luckily for anyone who can hear, it’s a great damn two minutes.

Is it time to talk about a release date yet, Kevin?

Click here to watch the video!

An MP3 download of the video can be found here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G84T28DN (courtesy of user ‘Auals’ over at absolutepunk.net).

Kevin Devine – You Wouldn’t Have to Ask Lyrics

(I think)

Your crooked days come bundled up in bunches
They break your brain like a branch
And push you out here asking after something
You should know I don’t have
If I had it, you wouldn’t have to ask
If I had it, you wouldn’t have to ask

And later on when you bargain with your mirror
And you ask ‘Is it really that bad?’
If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have to ask
If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have to ask
How could you know if you’re dim?
And what’s left to say when your tongue’s turned to ash?
I’ll tell you you’re fine and forgiven
So you wouldn’t have to ask

Shoot what’s left
Slip inside your sinner’s smile
Another man in a mask
If you fixed it you wouldn’t need a mask
If you fixed it you wouldn’t need a mask
If I could help you, you wouldn’t have to ask
If I could fix you, you wouldn’t have to ask

Kevin Devine’s Myspace
Link to the video

Kevin Devine – New Song (Untitled, thus far);

I recently stumbled upon a Youtube video of Kevin Devine debuting a new song at the Die Neuwe Anita in Amsterdam. As with almost all of Kevin Devine’s songs, his lyrics are spot on and grab hold of your attention immediately. The melody is that of hesitant and soft guitar strumming and its simplicity fits perfectly with the atmosphere of this song.

I am going to go ahead and say that this is not the complete song because it seems as if it starts mid-verse but anything is better than nothing and hey, I can not wait for the new Kevin Devine CD.

Let the pining begin!

You’re a mirror I could not avoid
Strung out and jittery and paranoid
A leaky battery that can’t keep charged
Get in the car
Say what you mean, explain yourself to me
And I’ll try not to judge you more than you would
Let me help, I promise not to tell
Not like anyone’s asking or anyone should

Special thanks to Cali369 for being awesome enough to record and post the video up on Youtube.

Kevin Devine’s Myspace

Happy Birthday Little Blog;

Today, February 4, 2010 is Pick Apart The Past: Wolves Among The Sheep’s one month birthday! It may seem like a month is not monumental enough to be celebrating but for us, it is a pretty big deal. We entered this vast and intimidating world of blogging with, I can truly say, no expectations what-so-ever.

We are beyond grateful for the minds that have been curious enough to pay us a visit, the eyes that have been interested enough to read our words, the ears that have trusted our opinions enough to listen, the fingers that have been generous enough to share us with others that are way out of our reach and to the blogs that have been nice enough to befriend us in our fetus-like days. We thank you from the bottom of our wild and slightly animalistic hearts and we appreciate you all immensely and please always feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions – they matter to us!

To all of the bands that have created music that is too beautiful to not be hunted, chewed, digested and praised – we thank you as well because none of this would have been inspired without your music. Especially to those musicians who have been wonderful enough to contact us, let us know that they have stopped by and offered words of encouragement – it means more to us than you will ever know! Thank you.

I would also like to thank my blogging half; it has been a long, slightly bitter but entirely enjoyable experience, which without you and your do-er and push-er ways, I would never have had the pleasure of becoming a part of. You are so annoying the best!

In exactly a month, we have had the privilege of featuring music from 21 bands which include:

The Antlers
The Balconies
David Bazan
Beach House
Bon Iver
Brand New
Built to Spill
Camera Obscura
Kevin Devine
The National
Other Lives
The Republic of Wolves
Serena Ryder
Tigers on Trains
Justin Vernon
Rachael Yamagata

and the days only look brighter from this point forward! We have a few new ideas in store for the future along with tons of music to discuss and we can not wait to let it all unfold – we only hope that you continue to stick around! Yes, you! You! You! You gorgeous creatures!

Forever blogging and feeling,
The Wolf & The Sheep


‘The Most Awkward Video’ award for 2010 2009 goes to…

Okay, while the above video has the power to make you feel kind of awkward (or really, really awkward), it’s impossible for the video below to not have some sort of jaw dropping effect on you in a “Wow, this is great – look how fucked up things can get but maybe it won’t be this fucked up forever,” kind of way.

Apparently, it’s a fan made video. Bands should start doing business with this kid.

And speaking of Kevin Devine, if you live in or around the New York City area, a benefit show featuring the man of the hour (Kevin Devine) and Manchester Orchestra has just been announced, in which all donations will go to support Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation! Admittance is free but donations will be requested at the door from all 21+ (yes, it’s a 21+ show) show-goers. This fine event will also serve as the kick-off celebration for the release of the Kevin Devine/Manchester Orchestra split 7″ “I Could Be The Only One.”

The concert will take place at the Brooklyn Bowl on January 27, 2010 and will be hosted by 101.9 RXP. Since it’s a free show, we’re assuming admittance is based on a first come, first serve kind of deal. Doors open at 6:00 PM and the music will start flowing at 8:00 PM. If you have the chance to stop by, you should take advantage of it – not only is it benefitting a much needed relief effort, you will also be around some great music.

Kevin Devine’s Myspace
Manchester Orchestra’s Myspace
Brooklyn Bowl benefit show details!

2,009 records of our memory;

Top 5 albums of 2009:

Below each pick, there is a link to listen to our favourite song from each album.

1. Brand New – Daisy

Be Gone

(Alright, ‘Be Gone’ is definitely not our favourite track..but it was like trying to choose a favourite child – so, we chose the ugliest one..)

2. The Antlers – Hospice


3. Built to Spill – There Is No Enemy

Things Fall Apart

4. Tigers on Trains – Grandfather

A Year In The Garden Shed

5. Kevin Devin – Brother’s Blood



Top 3 EPs of 2009:

1. The Republic of Wolves – His Old Branches

His Old Branches

2. Bon Iver – Blood Bank

Blood Bank

3. Destroyer – Bay of Pigs

Destroyer – Bay of Pigs


The Wolf Mouth’s Picks:

1. Metric – Fantasies


2. Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career

Away With Murder


The Sheep Skin’s Picks:

1. David Bazan – Curse Your Branches

Lost My Shape

2. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadues Phoenix



The Song of 2009:


The Antlers – Two

Not a bad year, eh?