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All Get Out; A band “with fragile souls”

I first stumbled upon All Get Out a few months ago, and one of my first reactions was, “Woah, they sound a bit like Manchester Orchestra.” Later, I found out that they are actually signed with MO’s label, Favorite Gentlemen (I guess they don’t like the Canadian way of spelling favourite, eh?), along with MO, Kevin Devine, Right Away Great Captain, Gobotron, and Harrison Hudson. Even though this band may perhaps be wearing their influences on their sleeves, they at the same time have created their own sound that makes you say “Oh, this song is All Get Out.”

One of the things I look for in bands/musicians is if they have the ability to go from high to low and back again without a flaw and keeping with their own style. In fact, that is probably my biggest subconscious criteria for liking a band or not. I am attracted to bands that can try new things and sound flawless doing it, with each album developing and growing from the previous seed that was planted. While no band is flawless (there’s always that Vices, right?), all my favorite ones (in my opinion) are pretty damn close. All Get Out can go from the energetic and exciting Water and God, to the heartbreakingly raw sound of Time and Place, to the breathtakingly beautiful Three More, I Guess, which ends with a graceful abruptness that leaves you hanging (a tease, if you will) and screaming inside for more, more, more (a personal favourite… seriously, just listen to the beautiful piano and the way the hauntingly desperate two voices make a perfect duet…)

Without sounding like an English major, I’d like to propose that All Get Out’s lyrics have a dominant theme revolving around willingly leaving home and unwillingly leaving love, starting new lives, leaving troubles behind, and coming back to them again. Daytrotter, who calls them “a South Carolinian band with fragile souls,” have had All Get Out in their studio twice already. Well, I say that Daytrotter is right, and that All Get Out writes their lyrics with the blood of the heart that was twisted and yanked out just to get to the truth.

Still, despite all the troubles their songs revolve around, it seems that these men never lose sight of what they were put on this earth to do – even if they’re not sure of it quite yet. But for now, making music is just fine.

And that’s just what I think. What do you think?

Water and God

Time can make a change/Sometimes harder times reflect nothing about the lives we lead/And we can play this game all night/Just realize I’m living/I’m learning/I’m hurting/I’m thinking all the time

Three More, I guess

I laugh out loud, but nothing’s funny at all/I can stand 40 days in the rain/To tell you that I still feel the same/If there’s no way to say the time is served/Then there’s no easy way out of this

Time and Place, Daytrotter session

I found peace through a small vessel/Five foot tall and brilliant speed/I felt love in her eyes and hate in my heart for the man that I might be…./Time and place is a hell of a way to put a grown man on his knees

All Get Out’s Myspace
Favorite Gentlemen
Daytrotter session 1
Daytrotter session 2
Photo by Jeremiah Edmond, taken from AGO’s myspace

The National; You know you have a permanent piece of my medium sized American/Canadian heart

Some people are just suckers for bands that have a distinct vocalist. With these bands, you usually love them right away, or you need to listen to them and “get used” to the sound to really love them. Either way, if you are one of those people, then you are sure to enjoy/love/get a tattoo of The National. Matt Berning sings in a sombre voice which makes even explosive songs (instrumentally) sound mellowed out. He takes his time to get each word out with absolute confidence and seriousness in what he is saying (even when it sounds something like: Karen put me in a chair/fuck me and make me drink). And why shouldn’t he? His amazing lyrics are worthy of such a strong voice. And trust me, they will make you feel like you could have written these words about someone you’ve been missing. One of my very favourite lyrics is:

Build a room for your love
Take your time when you tell her
How she lives in your blood
You should’ve looked after her better
You should’ve looked after her more
You should’ve locked the door

Val Jester

Val Jester is a beautiful song that is about taking things for granted. This is something we all do with things in our life, and also more severely with people in our life. We don’t appreciate them and what they do for us. We do not take the time to think about how our lives would be different if this person were not in it. Then, when they are gone, all we can do is live in regret and miss them to death and feel like you don’t deserve them. (At least, that’s my take on this song… Listen to it and tell me what you think!)

If you are new to this band, we recommend that you start with Alligator because… well it is the one we started with, and there are several outstanding tracks such as Daughters of the Soho Riots(!!!), Val Jester, All the Wine, and The Geese of Beverly Road( just to name a few). The key feelings that are expressed in the album are those of guilt, regret, and desperation; feeling like everything in your life is not right and was maybe better at another point.

Having said all of this, something tells me that this may be one of those albums where every song is about the same girl (uh… Karen?). It is usually boring and repetitive to listen to albums that revolve around one girl. But even though Alligator may very well be about the same girl or the same relationship, it explores many points where things went wrong in a relationship that has been dragged out. There are so many of these levels that you could literally write a whole album/book/great American screenplay about it..

The guys have a new CD they’ve been working on, which is hopefully coming out sometime this year! In the meantime, we will all just hold ourselves over with Alligator (or any of their other albums!) which is definitely music that everyone who has feelings can connect with, so give it a listen! (Unless you’re a robot.. or an animal… like a zebra.. in that case, we’d really like it if you said hi to us!).

Happy Listening!
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Tigers on Trains; new demo on myspace

Tigers on Trains. Simply put, we love this band.

We fell in love with them fast and hard.

Their latest full length album, Grandfather came out this past August, as their fan-base increased at a rate which was probably exponential. This is due to the youtube-brand new-fiasco (Google it?). At least, that’s how we shamelessly discovered them (Ok, maybe there’s a little bit of shame considering we didn’t discover them earlier .. But whatever, it’s great music). The two guys, Mason Maggio and Christian Van Deurs, have also started a new project, called The Republic of Wolves. Their first EP (His Old Branches – check it out if you know whats good for you and your ears) dropped last month with a beyond smooth landing.

Along with the simplicity of our love for this band, so is the strumming of their guitars – which must be endowed with magical powers  – in practically all their songs. All of their songs, new and old, have a serious folk sound – so much damn strumming and nothing else! No piano, no drums, just strumming along. For someone like me who is tone/pitch deaf and overall musically retarded (what am I doing writing a music blog?), their songs do not tend to differ from each other musically. But this simplicity  just WORKS for Tigers on Trains. That is because the beauty of their music lies within the lyrics and the simple raw transition of emotion into instrumental sound. These men have the ability to isolate a moment so beautifully that the music is all you care to hear.

There is now a new demo on their myspace, Canossa:

And sure enough we spent the day

Dreaming of ways to make the past come back

We drew the sky up on the wall

You drew the sun and I drew the clouds

That’s when I realized I was casting all this shade

Or listen to Canossa on their myspace .

As for us, we are still trying to wrap our heads around how two guys that are this young (they must be at least under 25), are capable of thinking such complex thoughts and creating such beautiful words and music; It is at the level of someone who has gone through life and figured out all of the great questions of what it means to be alive. They must have a hell of a life filled with a mountain of heartache!

My last thoughts for you; trust me when I say that that best way to spend a lonesome snowy day is in bed under a warm blanket while listening to Tigers on Trains.

Tigers on Trains – Interview

– the wolf & the sheep