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Roger Waters Tour; The Wall Live

Roger Waters is doing a The Wall tour which will kick off in Toronto on September 15/16 – I mean really, is there any better place to start off such a tour than the land of the brave and the fre— wait a second… Anyways, these are the thus announced dates:

Toronto, Canada Wednesday 9/15/2010
Toronto, Canada Thursday 9/16/2010
Chicago, IL Monday 9/20/2010
Chicago, IL Tuesday 9/21/2010
Pittsburgh, PA Sunday 9/26/2010
Cleveland, OH Tuesday 9/28/2010
Boston, MA Thursday 9/30/2010
New York, NY Tuesday 10/5/2010
Buffalo, NY Friday 10/8/2010
Washington, DC Sunday 10/10/2010
Uniondale, NY Tuesday 10/12/2010
Civic Center) Hartford, CT Friday 10/15/2010
Centre) Kanata, Canada Sunday 10/17/2010
Montreal, Canada Tuesday 10/19/2010
Columbus, OH Friday 10/22/2010
Auburn Hills, MI Sunday 10/24/2010
Omaha, NE Tuesday 10/26/2010r
Saint Paul, MN Wednesday 10/27/2010
Saint Louis, MO Friday 10/29/2010
Kansas City, MO Saturday 10/30/2010
East Rutherford, NJ Wednesday 11/3/2010
Philadelphia, PA Monday 11/8/2010
Philadelphia, PA Tuesday 11/9/2010
Fort Lauderdale, FL Saturday 11/13/2010
Tampa, FL Tuesday 11/16/2010
Houston, TX Saturday 11/20/2010
Dallas, TX Sunday 11/21/2010
Denver, CO Tuesday 11/23/2010
Las Vegas, NV Friday 11/26/2010
Phoenix, AZ Saturday 11/27/2010
Los Angeles, CA Monday 11/29/2010
San Jose, CA Monday 12/6/2010
Vancouver, Canada Friday 12/10/2010
Tacoma, WA Saturday 12/11/2010
Arrowhead Pond) Anaheim, CA Monday

Father Sheep (goat?), if you are reading this, please proceed to ticketmaster to purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale. Thanks! Tickets go on sale to the public on May 10.

Official Site – keep checking for ticket info

– wolvesamongthesheep

Modest Mouse/764-HERO – 15 minutes in heaven

One thing you, our beloved readers, may not know about the wolf and the sheep is that we are addicted to long songs (Best Music of 2009 – check out Bay of Pigs and you’ll understand everything). The longer the better. This craze that we are currently in exploded with a one month obsession with Pink Floyd’s Dogs. We seriously just can not get enough of long songs! It takes a skilled group of artists to put together a sound that goes on and on and on, and not everyone can do it so well.

So, what happens when you combine Modest Mouse and 764-HERO? The result is this 15 minute single, Whenever You See Fit which was released in 2004. Modest Mouse is pretty mainstream but this song appears to have remained under the covers – a hidden gem, if you will. 764-HERO is a whole other (wonderful) story which may or may not be explored in the future of this blog. Together, these two bands have created two hauntingly distant vocals that seem to be fighting against each other throughout the whole song.

This song explores the lows of a seriously dragged out relationship that seems to never have the potential to come to a definite end. The only thing that this couple is addicted to more than each other is messing things up between them. The mistakes in any relationship are inevitable, nothing is ever perfect (at least, not for long) and sometimes its hard to call it quits. Once you get so comfortable with someone, the only thing harder than living through a bickering hell is moving on. That person is always there, always on your mind, always in your head, and always in your life even when they’re not.

Yeah, we’re talking on the phone again
Acting like we are our own best friend
And everything you ever said
Every thought I ever meant, I ever did
You’ll wake up early and you’ll live to regret

The ending of the song is a disappointment – just not in artistry:

Now and then, whenever you see fit
Nothing is clear
Tell the truth
Whenever you go wrong
Everything’s fine

Even though they know that “nothing is clear” and that no one is telling the truth, they convince themselves that, after all, everything is fine, everything will be okay in the end. A wonderful little (okay – not so little) song that sums up the drowning agony that is often associated with many relationships. But that’s just the way it is.

Okay, enough analysis for the day week month. We just love to analyze, have you noticed? What do you guys think? Personally, I love this song and I have been able to casually go back to it since I heard it about 3 years ago. Today I decided to take it more seriously and hopefully the result is not you reading this with a giant question mark floating above your head… hopefully.

until next time,
your neighborhood friendly man eater/grass grazer

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