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The Preacher’s Sons; when the sun don’t shine

The last thing one wants to hear in the summertime is slow and moody music that is reserved for winter months, right? Right. Alas, I really do not care, as it still rains sometimes in the summer. Also, I can not NOT share these songs with you guys. With that being said, we bring you….

The Preachers Son’s are two brothers ( how adorable is this?) who have been hard at work trying to put out a record and make a name for themselves. Right now, you can download “Looks Like A Sampler” over at their bandcamp, which is 3 “sample” songs to hold us over before their full-length drops. The two boys have done a good job, in just ten minutes and three songs, of keeping me hooked and anticipating hearing more of their polished tunes. Their debut (full length) album Looks Like a Flood, Feels Like a Drought (clever name, right?) has been recorded with the help of their fans and should be released for us any day now!

This is one of those albums I grabbed because I thought the album art looked interesting. It turned out that these guys are right up our alley (we are freaking addicted to hidden gems, if you havent noticed) which rarely happens when you download things because of something like album art or a band name (we all do it, right?)

I don’t know what to do with the things I know
and I can’t tell if it’d gonna rain heaven or hell

This simple yet brilliantly honest lyric above reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would ask my parents questions like “what time is it” and even something unanswerable. Either way, I would often get “I don’t know” in response because they didn’t have an answer for me. I remember the feeling of shock that I got from this because I thought that my parents would just know everything. With age, I have realized that we don’t have all the answers because the course our life takes, even when planned, is unpredictable (and that is why we listen to music, right!?!). I thought this lyric really captured that feeling of instability for me.

Sold? Head over to our new favourite boys’ bandcamp and download Posion Oak, Wadering, and Wormfood (catch the lyric that could have been written by Jesse Lacey…) for FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE!!

Their Myspace
Their Website
Their Bandcamp

Your lazy friends in the grass,