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Amo Joy – The Sane Design;

Amo Joy is a light that never goes out. Seriously. What a colorful mixture of sound. What a breath of fresh air.

It’s been a long winter and you’ve been covered in layers the entire time. What better way to break free than from the inside out? What better way to wake your sleepy cells than with the sounds of happy explosions? What Amo Joy provides us with on their full length – The Sane Design – is a lot more than a biological alarm clock, it’s music to move to – not even because you want to, but because you have to – because when you close your eyes you’re wandering through a grassy field, the sun is shining and there are frisbees, bubbles, babies everywhere – life is wonderful and all you want to do is kick off your shoes, let your hair down and just move – and even though it’s still snowing where you really are and you’ve ruined another pair of shoes because you’re too stubborn to fully convert your wardrobe to what is weather appropriate – it doesn’t matter because you can’t help how you feel and you feel warm sand between your toes and cool ice cream melting down your arm and you’re too caught up watching the waves roll in to keep up with eating it. And while the majority of The Sane Design is music to move (happily) to, what it also brings to the table is what other critics and genre experts alike are labeling ‘psychedelic indie rock,’ if that sounds anymore convincing. Whatever floats your boat, I guess – as long as it’s floating in the direction of the nearest Amo Joy show.

The music of Amo Joy is a lovely distraction from the distractions of every day life brought about by their contagious sound and creatively imaginative lyrics that make it hard to decide if you’re in the middle of a circus or a carnival or both. Like variety? How about some guitars, clarinet, ukelele, kazoo, toys, keyboard, drums, banjo and ‘noises,’ plus twisting, fun-house-esque vocals to spice things up? I bet your ears haven’t heard a mixture like that in – what, forever?

And when there’s nothin’ left to do
You’ll fall down on your back and taste the shore
Of things you feel you never should’ve faced before
You’ll settle up the score
And when I leave the town of exponential bore
I know they’ll only be there just expecting more
They settle up the score
They settle up the score
They settle up the score

It’s Not An Artist’s World

This breathing need for completion
Unappeased after all we put in
It’s high time to change with the season
Said the bleeding comes to an end
From all the wind outside
You know I’m screaming strife
As I go to follow lines
It’s the end of time
How could we lose the rhyme


Amo Joy is Adam Gross, Paul Cobb, James Furness, Steve Trowbridge and company.

Amo Joy is a member of a fabulous record label based out of Indianapolis, Standard Recording Co. I find it appropriate to give them a round of applause and a well deserved shout out before closing because they are as in it for the music as it gets and these days when genuine labels are hard to come by, we should always take an opportunity to shed some light on the good guys. If you get a chance, check them out and check out the rest of the bands they have lined up!

I know that it is a rarity for us to offer music that is not melancholy and does not require the wheels of your mind to forever turn in order to find the deeper meaning behind what’s being offered – so when we do take these leaps of taste, give them a chance! Especially if you just want to hang out, have fun and take it easy for a while.

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