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Ingrid Michaelson covers ‘Skinny Love’

Oh, how I love the internet sometimes.

My squeaky clean paws just stumbled upon Ingrid Michaelson’s delightful little cover of Skinny Love, originally by Bon Iver. (Yes, I know you know that – but I’m sure that there’s someone out there who doesn’t, though – so, stop giving me that look!) Ms. Michaelson does a very nice job of capturing the delicacy of the song, which seems like it might be a difficult thing to do when incapable of howling like the great alpha wolf himself, Justin Vernon. Regardless of the missing howl and the fact that this was recorded in her living room (aw, that’s cute though!) and not a cabin somewhere in the woods with a lot of snow on the roof, melting steadily from the direct stream of the burning hot sun – I really enjoyed this cover and I think you guys will too.

For our visual learners, take a look at the Youtube video below – everyone else, be sure to download an mp3 version of the song (with much better sound quality) before you leave! Okay, visual learners – you can download the mp3 too, stop with the pouting.

Download Ingrid Michaelson’s cover of Skinny Love here!

Ingrid Michaelson’s Myspace

P.S. If you could all take a moment to please shoot the sheep (easy – I’m not finished) an Email and let her know that her split ends are the one thing standing between us and being in a PeTA ad, I would really appreciate it. The ends are actually split and there is two of every hair – the size of her wool has actually doubled. Scientists have mistaken her for a fallen cloud twice already. How embarrassing.

Kevin Devine – The Ballad of St. Fred ;

Kevin Devine just keeps the treats coming, doesn’t he? I’ll answer that for you: Yes, he does. Here’s another one from the Brooklyn Boy:

And of course, because we love lyrics almost as much as we love chewing large quantities of gum all at once – we present you with –

Kevin Devine – The Ballad of St. Fred Lyrics

i came into this world as a reject
locking my eyes in your sea
the size of the flames
dwelling on the past thats burning in my brain
and everyone that burns has to learn from the pain
i think about the day my girl ran away
from the pain when fellas came to play
now shes stuck with a friend she fucked
a sucker with a lump in my throat
like a chump, like a chump, like a chump
hey, like a chump
oh, like a chump
like a chump, like a chump,
hey like a chump
should i be feeling bad
should i be feeling good
it’s kind of sad
i’m the laughing stock of my neighborhood
yeah you think that i’d be moving on
but im a sucker like i said
fucked up in the head
and maybe she made a mistake
and i should just give her a break
either way my heart will ache
so what the hell do you want me to say
i wont lie that i cant deny that i did it all
so you can take that
and stick it up your yeah
and stick it up your yeah
and why did i wait so long
why did it take so long to figure it out but i did it
so long to figure it out but i did it
im the only one under the sun that didnt get it
im the only one under the sun that didnt get it
and i cant believe that id be deceived
oh like a chump like a chump like a chump
hey like a chump oh like a chump
like a chump like a chump hey like a chump
and i did it all so you can take that and stick it up your yeah
and stick it up your yeah and stick it up your yeah oh

Take your head out of your yeah and download this song for free over here!

P.S. Any sous chefs around? Just wondering what jam would beautifully suit some sheep meat. Please feel free to leave any and all suggestions!

Download ‘The Ballad of St. Fred’ here!
‘The Ballad of St. Fred’ on iLike
Kevin Devine’s Myspace

Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back; For my daddy!

As many of you are probably aware, Peter Gabriel (Genesis) is putting out an album entitled Scratch My Back which consists of him covering various songs. The songs he has chosen to cover are by a handful of artists from our generation, including Radiohead, Regina Spektor, The Arcade Fire, The Magnetic Fields and….. BON IVER! Obviously, there is a reason behind why each song was picked, and according to this article, he chose songs that “are major reinterpretations of some famous stuff” today.

So, what do we think of this collaboration of classical rock/modern day rock? I think it is fantastic that artists such as Peter Gabriel, a legend, if you will, can appreciate the stuff new artists are putting out. Who said that its all been done and said? This simply confirms our belief that music we are getting today is, i repeat, IT IS, beautiful and worth our time and tears and dedication.

I have been able to form an opinion of Peter Gabriel; he is a true musician. He never stops listening, just as a true professor never stops learning, or a true mother never stops caring. Apparently, his daughter told him about Bon Iver; he is open to hear the progression of music from when he first started out to today. And this is the result;

Don’t turn it off too quickly; the beginning may make you go :|, if you are used Flume consisting of a howling Justin Vernon. But do not fear, you are sure to be 😀 -ing by the end!

So I can officially tell my father that he absolutely needs to listen to some of the stuff on my ipod! After all, Peter Gabriel does it!

the wolf & the sheep

Peter Gabriel’s Site/Photo Credit

Serena Ryder and The Beauties – The Funeral (cover);

One aspect about music that always seems to amaze me is cover songs. It’s usually always either hit or miss with me, as far as cover songs are concerned. They either turn out excellent and have potential to surpass the originals or just plain disastrous. In the case of Serena Ryder and The Beauties, their cover of The Funeral by Band of Horses, hit me right in the face (in a good way, of course). While the fetching vocals of Ben Bridwell (lead singer of the Band of Horses) are impossible to replace, Serena Ryder and The Beauties land pretty close to perfection on the giant scale of cover song critique. Listening to this version of the song, almost causes me to forget that it exists in another form, it’s just that good. The lyrics may not belong to Ms. Ryder, but she has taken a song that was beautiful to begin with, and made it her own. I’m not sure if in the long run, this version will top the original completely, but what I do know is that right now it’s the only version I’ve been listening to. Serena Ryder, of course, hails from the great plains of Canada. Where have all of these Canadian musicians been all of my life?

You can download Serena Ryder’s version of ‘The Funeral’ here.

Ryder and the Beauties are set to release a music video for their rendition of The Funeral in the near future. Preview it here! Ryder is currently on tour with Howie Day in support of her album ‘Is It Ok.’

I’m coming up only to show you down for
I’m coming up only to show you wrong
To the outside, the dead leaves, they all blow
Before they died, had trees to hang their hope

Serena Ryder’s Myspace
Band Of Horses’ Myspace
Preview Serena Ryder and The Beauties music video for The Funeral

On a more personal note, must it REALLY be snowing today?

– the wolf & the snoring sheep

Mason Maggio’s Vampire Weekend cover;

Mason Maggio of Tigers on Trains/The Republic of Wolves covers Diplomat’s Son, originally by Vampire Weekend .

We haven’t really caught onto the Vampire Weekend wave (yet?)…but this cover is way too catchy for anyone to resist.

Warning: You will not be able to listen just once.

– the wolf and the sheep

Tigers on Trains – Interview
The Republic of Wolves’ Myspace
Tigers on Trains’ Myspace
Vampire Weekend’s Myspace