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Kevin Devine – You Wouldn’t Have to Ask ;

Two new Kevin Devine songs making their way onto the internet in one week? Sounds like a great thing to me! Here’s a video to another new Kevin Devine song titled ‘You Wouldn’t Have to Ask,’ along with the lyrics to accompany it. Unfortunately, the song is only about two minutes long but luckily for anyone who can hear, it’s a great damn two minutes.

Is it time to talk about a release date yet, Kevin?

Click here to watch the video!

An MP3 download of the video can be found here: (courtesy of user ‘Auals’ over at

Kevin Devine – You Wouldn’t Have to Ask Lyrics

(I think)

Your crooked days come bundled up in bunches
They break your brain like a branch
And push you out here asking after something
You should know I don’t have
If I had it, you wouldn’t have to ask
If I had it, you wouldn’t have to ask

And later on when you bargain with your mirror
And you ask ‘Is it really that bad?’
If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have to ask
If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have to ask
How could you know if you’re dim?
And what’s left to say when your tongue’s turned to ash?
I’ll tell you you’re fine and forgiven
So you wouldn’t have to ask

Shoot what’s left
Slip inside your sinner’s smile
Another man in a mask
If you fixed it you wouldn’t need a mask
If you fixed it you wouldn’t need a mask
If I could help you, you wouldn’t have to ask
If I could fix you, you wouldn’t have to ask

Kevin Devine’s Myspace
Link to the video

Canada vs. America (Hockey the band and the end of the Olympics);

Assuming that each and every one of you, our lovely readers, has a pulse – it is not breaking news that Canada will be taking on America for the Olympic Gold in Men’s Hockey on Sunday, the 28th of February (what a wonderful way to spend the one day that we only experience every four years). We understand that this is not a sports blog but found this event to be an important one considering that The Wolf is in fact an American citizen and The Sheep is a native of Canada.

I have never experienced the Sheep so passionate, competitive and dedicated to her motherland and her herd of brethren (seriously, her grazing has gone from a gentle prance to a trot to a run to her hooves digging so aggressively into the ground that I’m convinced they’ve reached the Earth’s core more than once) and I think it is great. And rarely, have I ever found myself feeling as if it is a duty to feel defensive over the world thinking of my country as the big bad ‘wolf’ who doesn’t deserve to win. Our animal instincts have for sure shown their faces throughout the duration of the 2010 Winter Olympics and the competitive tension between us, mother nature’s most prized creatures, has at times gotten a bit out of control. But seriously, I wouldn’t have it any other way. What a blast it’s been!

So, in celebration of some hockey and friendly cut-throat competition, I bring you some Hockey. Hockey is a band from Portland, Oregon, that I stumbled upon while accidentally scouring the internet for something else and I’m glad I did because this song has made a nice little dent in my frail and depressingly empty (never do a ‘System Update’ on a Mac without having it plugged into the charger) iTunes library.

I’d like to let you know I’ll always be straight with you,
I stole my personality from an anonymous source,
And I’m gonna pay for it too, I dont feel bad about that,
Give me my chance back.

This is on the rise music, this is novelty music,
This is who can blame music, I dont get fooled by it
This is where’d you go music, this is come home music,
This is down to the wire I’m such a perfect angel music.
Who really tries?

Tomorrow’s just a song away, a song away, a song away

Song Away by Hockey

Whether or not you happen to be a fan of hockey sports in general, I think it’d be a great experience either way to tune into the game (especially if you’re from Canada or America), the intensity amongst the crowd itself will be enough entertainment to catch your attention before you even have a chance look over at the action on the ice. And if you’re into that kind of thing – loads of eye candy, too. Yummy.

Oh, and if you like what you hear from Hockey, be sure to check out the rest of their catalog. They are definitely a great band to help ease you back into the Spring mood and have a nice Strokes vibe to them and that is never a bad thing.


Now, only to figure out a way to keep this game from ending our friendship…

Hockey’s Myspace
The Strokes’ Myspace
A Canadian Hockey Fan

Big Brother is watching you;

Apparently, ‘Music Journalism is the New Piracy’ – and so the war between the music industry and the rest of the world continues to get uglier, dirtier and more deceptive. There no longer seems to be any level of humanity in the actions of the music industry and their big booted, brown shirt wearing law mongrels. With the freedom to delete as they please, without explanation or warning, we in the blogging world must now more than be aware of the long treacherous road before us.

Doesn’t this whole situation remind you of something? It’s hazy isn’t it? Maybe it’s not exactly the same contextually but you’ve read something like this before, you’ve been here before.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face— forever.”

The above quote is an excerpt from George Orwell’s 1984, which if you haven’t read already, you should.

Kevin Devine – New Song (Untitled, thus far);

I recently stumbled upon a Youtube video of Kevin Devine debuting a new song at the Die Neuwe Anita in Amsterdam. As with almost all of Kevin Devine’s songs, his lyrics are spot on and grab hold of your attention immediately. The melody is that of hesitant and soft guitar strumming and its simplicity fits perfectly with the atmosphere of this song.

I am going to go ahead and say that this is not the complete song because it seems as if it starts mid-verse but anything is better than nothing and hey, I can not wait for the new Kevin Devine CD.

Let the pining begin!

You’re a mirror I could not avoid
Strung out and jittery and paranoid
A leaky battery that can’t keep charged
Get in the car
Say what you mean, explain yourself to me
And I’ll try not to judge you more than you would
Let me help, I promise not to tell
Not like anyone’s asking or anyone should

Special thanks to Cali369 for being awesome enough to record and post the video up on Youtube.

Kevin Devine’s Myspace

We learn, as we age, that we’ve learned nothing;

And I always say, I’m just astonished at how much you learn as you grow older and how it never stops. When I was 21, I realized that I didn’t know anything at 17, and then at 25, I realized I didn’t know anything at 21, and now at 31, I realized I didn’t know anything at 25. But it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I’m always wondering if when I’m 80, am I gonna be looking back to when I was 75 and going, you know, “That person didn’t know anything?” When does that process of growing stop?

When I listen back to all of that stuff, I see mistakes I made, but also the sparks of something I was doing that was eventually going to be great. It’s all very strange.

Jesse Lacey of Brand New

Interview can be found here
Photograph taken by Julie Lavelle in a Toronto In-Store that the sheep was lucky enough to attend!

Modest Mouse/764-HERO – 15 minutes in heaven

One thing you, our beloved readers, may not know about the wolf and the sheep is that we are addicted to long songs (Best Music of 2009 – check out Bay of Pigs and you’ll understand everything). The longer the better. This craze that we are currently in exploded with a one month obsession with Pink Floyd’s Dogs. We seriously just can not get enough of long songs! It takes a skilled group of artists to put together a sound that goes on and on and on, and not everyone can do it so well.

So, what happens when you combine Modest Mouse and 764-HERO? The result is this 15 minute single, Whenever You See Fit which was released in 2004. Modest Mouse is pretty mainstream but this song appears to have remained under the covers – a hidden gem, if you will. 764-HERO is a whole other (wonderful) story which may or may not be explored in the future of this blog. Together, these two bands have created two hauntingly distant vocals that seem to be fighting against each other throughout the whole song.

This song explores the lows of a seriously dragged out relationship that seems to never have the potential to come to a definite end. The only thing that this couple is addicted to more than each other is messing things up between them. The mistakes in any relationship are inevitable, nothing is ever perfect (at least, not for long) and sometimes its hard to call it quits. Once you get so comfortable with someone, the only thing harder than living through a bickering hell is moving on. That person is always there, always on your mind, always in your head, and always in your life even when they’re not.

Yeah, we’re talking on the phone again
Acting like we are our own best friend
And everything you ever said
Every thought I ever meant, I ever did
You’ll wake up early and you’ll live to regret

The ending of the song is a disappointment – just not in artistry:

Now and then, whenever you see fit
Nothing is clear
Tell the truth
Whenever you go wrong
Everything’s fine

Even though they know that “nothing is clear” and that no one is telling the truth, they convince themselves that, after all, everything is fine, everything will be okay in the end. A wonderful little (okay – not so little) song that sums up the drowning agony that is often associated with many relationships. But that’s just the way it is.

Okay, enough analysis for the day week month. We just love to analyze, have you noticed? What do you guys think? Personally, I love this song and I have been able to casually go back to it since I heard it about 3 years ago. Today I decided to take it more seriously and hopefully the result is not you reading this with a giant question mark floating above your head… hopefully.

until next time,
your neighborhood friendly man eater/grass grazer

buy the single here
read the lyrics here
Modest Mouse’s Myspace
764-HERO’s Myspace

Amo Joy – The Sane Design;

Amo Joy is a light that never goes out. Seriously. What a colorful mixture of sound. What a breath of fresh air.

It’s been a long winter and you’ve been covered in layers the entire time. What better way to break free than from the inside out? What better way to wake your sleepy cells than with the sounds of happy explosions? What Amo Joy provides us with on their full length – The Sane Design – is a lot more than a biological alarm clock, it’s music to move to – not even because you want to, but because you have to – because when you close your eyes you’re wandering through a grassy field, the sun is shining and there are frisbees, bubbles, babies everywhere – life is wonderful and all you want to do is kick off your shoes, let your hair down and just move – and even though it’s still snowing where you really are and you’ve ruined another pair of shoes because you’re too stubborn to fully convert your wardrobe to what is weather appropriate – it doesn’t matter because you can’t help how you feel and you feel warm sand between your toes and cool ice cream melting down your arm and you’re too caught up watching the waves roll in to keep up with eating it. And while the majority of The Sane Design is music to move (happily) to, what it also brings to the table is what other critics and genre experts alike are labeling ‘psychedelic indie rock,’ if that sounds anymore convincing. Whatever floats your boat, I guess – as long as it’s floating in the direction of the nearest Amo Joy show.

The music of Amo Joy is a lovely distraction from the distractions of every day life brought about by their contagious sound and creatively imaginative lyrics that make it hard to decide if you’re in the middle of a circus or a carnival or both. Like variety? How about some guitars, clarinet, ukelele, kazoo, toys, keyboard, drums, banjo and ‘noises,’ plus twisting, fun-house-esque vocals to spice things up? I bet your ears haven’t heard a mixture like that in – what, forever?

And when there’s nothin’ left to do
You’ll fall down on your back and taste the shore
Of things you feel you never should’ve faced before
You’ll settle up the score
And when I leave the town of exponential bore
I know they’ll only be there just expecting more
They settle up the score
They settle up the score
They settle up the score

It’s Not An Artist’s World

This breathing need for completion
Unappeased after all we put in
It’s high time to change with the season
Said the bleeding comes to an end
From all the wind outside
You know I’m screaming strife
As I go to follow lines
It’s the end of time
How could we lose the rhyme


Amo Joy is Adam Gross, Paul Cobb, James Furness, Steve Trowbridge and company.

Amo Joy is a member of a fabulous record label based out of Indianapolis, Standard Recording Co. I find it appropriate to give them a round of applause and a well deserved shout out before closing because they are as in it for the music as it gets and these days when genuine labels are hard to come by, we should always take an opportunity to shed some light on the good guys. If you get a chance, check them out and check out the rest of the bands they have lined up!

I know that it is a rarity for us to offer music that is not melancholy and does not require the wheels of your mind to forever turn in order to find the deeper meaning behind what’s being offered – so when we do take these leaps of taste, give them a chance! Especially if you just want to hang out, have fun and take it easy for a while.

Amo Joy’s Official Site
Buy ‘The Sane Design’ Here!
Amo Joy’s Myspace
Amo Joy’s Twitter
Standard Recording Co.

The Antlers – Bear (Official Video)

The much anticipated official video for ‘Bear,’ a powerful track off of Hospice, a record that has caused quite the incredible commotion beneath the floor boards of the music scene for much of 2009 – skyrocketing The Antlers to the forefront of SXSW and the indie music world, has officially been released and can be streamed on Pitchfork – or below, or both – whatever works best!

On the surface, ‘Bear’ seems to follow a couples’ struggle and the toll that it takes on their relationship; old enough to make their own decisions but not to deal with the consequences, the process of a blossoming romance coming to a halt, lovers becoming a strangers within an instant and how to deal when you find yourself isolated and detached from a world that has now become foreign to you.

However, the video depicts the song through a different view point. First off, the video takes place in a forest during the dead of winter – a sure way to call my attention! The woman in this video is wheeling a barrow which is carrying something extremely heavy and throughout her path, she struggles. The men of The Antlers (who are looking quite sharp, might I add) witness her stumbling and race to come to her aid but are too late, for the gigantic black weight taking its toll on her frame has fallen from the barrow, onto a rock and cracked, exposing a black ooze, left dripping against the Earth’s mass. The woman is not freed however, for Silberman helps to lift the mass and places it back where it has fallen from and the woman continues on her journey towards wherever she was going while the band remains and looks on.

Perhaps, that black ooze is meant to represent the cancerous mass that seems to plague Hospice’s heroine throughout the entirety of the album and although the narrator can exert himself and do his best to help her cope, he can never free her from the looming weight that she is cursed to carry, all on her own?

I suppose under whatever specificity of terms you interpret the meaning of this song to be, the one thing which it calls to mind is the idea of an unexpected and haunting burden, the desire to be freed from it, but the reality of our human wants being too weak to overcome the inevitable plans of fate.

New York City’s own Evan Dennis did a wonderful job of directing the video. Do not hesitate to show him some love on his Twitter page.

‘Bear’ is a powerful song and fits perfectly into the devastatingly beautiful composition of Hospice – which if you have yet to hear, you should, as soon as possible.

Watch ‘Bear’ over at

The Antlers’ Myspace
The Antlers’ Offical Website
Hospice’s Official Website
Evan Dennis’ Official Website

P.S. On a more personal note, the Sheep went out to graze almost two days ago and has not been back since. She left all of her belongings, including her favorite bag of citrus treats and her neon yellowish-orange headband at the barn, which leaves me with hope that she has not gone too far. If you happen to see her out there though, mistaking orange trees and sunny beaches for farmland and prairie fields – just put a leash on her and guide her home. Thanks!

Don’t you know it’s true?

[Teen represents] passion, obsession, excitement, energy, spontaneity, mystique, yeah, like kind of irrational love you know, deep, irrational love, being wild. Dream represents fantasy, leaving reality, it represents so many things, it represents distortion, it represents one tiny feeling becoming a huge feeling.

BEACH HOUSE INTERVIEW from wow magazine on Vimeo.

Thank you to Wow Magazine for sharing this video with the world and allowing us to share it with you.

Also, swing by The Alternate Side for two amazing studio performances of ‘Zebra’ and ‘Better Times’ accompanied by none other than another great interview!

Usually, I am not a fan of snow but today, only if even for a little while, I am grateful to the weather. With nothing to do (there’s always a paper, though), no where to go (except to find a source of hydration) and not a thing to worry about (okay, that’s never true but let’s pretend) I am going to take advantage of this opportunity; my world on pause, under blankets of white and glide, effortlessly, through as much of the Beach House catalog as I can before reality creeps its way into my day like the green, slimy leech that it is.

Are you snowed in? Join me! It doesn’t snow where you are? Join me anyway! The Sheep might be a little late though, she has a date with destiny philosophy. The world only stops for snow in America, it seems.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

photo credit: eisley girls

I know people for whom music is just background noise. They don’t listen to it. They just consume it. These people have never made a mix-tape for anyone. These people are not my friends. These people have no soul.

– Rob Sheffield