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Radiohead; Look out world, we’ve got a new album coming

The art is to not give in, to carry on, persevere. You just have to keep going. The great thing about Nigel is; he raises the bar. He drives you hard. You think you’ve done the take, you think you’ve done your overdub, you think it’s in there and then he says: ‘Maybe one more time’. He gets the best performances out of you. He’s amazing. Cause he also drives himself really hard as well. The quality of the stuff that he does is really high. So, it’s good to be driven hard. (Guitarist Ed O’Brien on producer Nigel Godrich )

Radiohead is just wrapping up their latest album and it should released before the end of 2010. Read an interview here, O’brien souds really excited about to whole process of their new album.

He says that it might be “the best record [they’ve] ever made”. But seriously, what could possibly beat the perfect beauty of In Rainbows? We’re waiting to find out!

Also, this means TOUR DATES . I have been waiting to check Radiohead off my list.. and this should be one golden check mark.

Radiohead’s Myspace
Radiohead’s Webside

Justin Vernon Contributes to John Prine Tribute Album

Justin Vernon’s band may be on hiatus, but he has been keeping busy! Aside from doing backing vocals for The National’s High Violet, he has evidently been doing a handful of covers. (Check out Bon Iver’s Peter Gabriel here).

Justin Vernon has more recently contributed to a John Prine tribute album. Vernon and several other fabulous acts (who WATS happens to a d o r e), have taken some John Prine songs and recreated them to however they see/hear/feel fit. Oh cover songs, what a great concept. We love cover songs!

The album comes out June 22, 2010 and you can preorder it here!

01. Justin Vernon: “Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)”
02. Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band: “Wedding Day in Funeralville”
03. My Morning Jacket: “All the Best”
04. Josh Ritter: “Mexican Home”
05. Lambchop: “Six O’Clock News”
06. Justin Townes Earle: “Far From Me”
07. The Avett Brothers: “Spanish Pipedream”
08. Old Crow Medicine Show: “Angel From Montgomery”
09. Sara Watkins: “The Late John Garfield Blues”
10. Drive-By Truckers: “Daddy’s Little Pumpkin”
11. Deer Tick: “Unwed Fathers” [ft. Liz Isenberg]
12. Those Darlins “Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian”

Again, Preorder the tribute album here!
download Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow) here!
download Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow) here!
download Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow) here!

– wolves among the sheep

The National is Red Hot + Official Bloodbuzz Ohio Video;

On the evening of Saturday, May 15, 2010 at around the hour of 8 o’clock, The National will perform High Violet in its entirety at a concert benefitting Red Hot, which is an organization dedicated to fighting AIDS by way of raising awareness through music. The concert is going to take place in Brooklyn, New York at Brooklyn’s Academy of Music. For those of you fortunate enough to have gotten tickets before they sold out (within milliseconds, I’m sure), we wish you a fantastic and beautiful evening! For the rest of you (myself included), worry not because – guess what? – the entire performance is going to be streaming, STREAMING, streaming, STREAMing LIVE on Youtube! So, cancel your plans (come on, it’s alright – you’ll live), eliminate all distraction from within 5,001 miles of you and tune in to what I am positively sure will be an amazing performance!

Whoa, but wait – there’s more! Can it really be a two part post? Is it even a post at all? This is all an illusion – isn’t it? NO! It’s not. Please continue scrolling. Thank you!

And here we have it, the official music video for the first single off of High Violet, Bloodbuzz Ohio! Damn. The simplicity of this video takes nothing away from its intimacy. Alone, in a world of black and white, Matt Berninger – with his blazer, shirt, tie and vest in tow- graces our screens with his intense, yet comforting presence and offhanded silly while at the same time charming dance moves. The intensity of his stare and the smooth baritone sound escaping his mouth, holds our focus like a vacuum. Whether on a stroll through the park, laying in the grass, feeding the ducks, – offering an image very reminiscent of old photographs of James Dean – or left on a bar stool, or even against the backdrop of a curtain as nothing but a man, with a glass of wine Berninger never seems to lose track of the debts that he owes and the haunting weight that plagues him while realizing that the land that raised him, was never really his home.

Personally, I adore this video. I see it as honest and simple, never losing sight of the reflective atmosphere of the song itself and the feelings that it garners. Plus, staring at Berninger, as if he is singing to me and only me, for 4 minutes and 36 seconds is definitely a plus – I definitely wouldn’t mind being stuck in a swarm of bees with him for a while. So, before I cross another line – I’d just like to end this post by saying: Well done, The National!

Oh, and this is not the end of our swooning, stay tuned for a review of High Violet (maybe) which was released this week, May 11th and is currently in stores EVERYWHERE! You really have no excuse but to go out there and pick it up!

The National’s Official Website

Roger Waters Tour; The Wall Live

Roger Waters is doing a The Wall tour which will kick off in Toronto on September 15/16 – I mean really, is there any better place to start off such a tour than the land of the brave and the fre— wait a second… Anyways, these are the thus announced dates:

Toronto, Canada Wednesday 9/15/2010
Toronto, Canada Thursday 9/16/2010
Chicago, IL Monday 9/20/2010
Chicago, IL Tuesday 9/21/2010
Pittsburgh, PA Sunday 9/26/2010
Cleveland, OH Tuesday 9/28/2010
Boston, MA Thursday 9/30/2010
New York, NY Tuesday 10/5/2010
Buffalo, NY Friday 10/8/2010
Washington, DC Sunday 10/10/2010
Uniondale, NY Tuesday 10/12/2010
Civic Center) Hartford, CT Friday 10/15/2010
Centre) Kanata, Canada Sunday 10/17/2010
Montreal, Canada Tuesday 10/19/2010
Columbus, OH Friday 10/22/2010
Auburn Hills, MI Sunday 10/24/2010
Omaha, NE Tuesday 10/26/2010r
Saint Paul, MN Wednesday 10/27/2010
Saint Louis, MO Friday 10/29/2010
Kansas City, MO Saturday 10/30/2010
East Rutherford, NJ Wednesday 11/3/2010
Philadelphia, PA Monday 11/8/2010
Philadelphia, PA Tuesday 11/9/2010
Fort Lauderdale, FL Saturday 11/13/2010
Tampa, FL Tuesday 11/16/2010
Houston, TX Saturday 11/20/2010
Dallas, TX Sunday 11/21/2010
Denver, CO Tuesday 11/23/2010
Las Vegas, NV Friday 11/26/2010
Phoenix, AZ Saturday 11/27/2010
Los Angeles, CA Monday 11/29/2010
San Jose, CA Monday 12/6/2010
Vancouver, Canada Friday 12/10/2010
Tacoma, WA Saturday 12/11/2010
Arrowhead Pond) Anaheim, CA Monday

Father Sheep (goat?), if you are reading this, please proceed to ticketmaster to purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale. Thanks! Tickets go on sale to the public on May 10.

Official Site – keep checking for ticket info

– wolvesamongthesheep

Brand New is finally UNSIGNED!; I’m a mountain that has been moved

“This is one of our first shows as an unsigned band in eight years or something like that… and it feels really nice, to not have anything cluttering up our lives anymore”

– Jesse Lacey @ Clifton Park, NY, 4/28/10 (source: here)

If you have ever experienced a Brand New concert (or 8, or 13), you should know that it is difficult to actually enjoy it – the fans usually ruin it with their fangirlish screams. Everyone at their shows just assume that Brand New, who used to be signed to Interscope, have the same concert morals and values as their peer bands that have been as successful as them (Ever been to a Taking Back Sunday show? God, they love to entertain. Do we really need to wear suits on stage?)

ANY ways, their shows usually start with the members walking on stage, and end with them walking off stage in the same fashion. Music is played in between. Isn’t that all we really need? They don’t feel the need to put on a “show”, they’re just there to share their music with those who are willing to hear. Jesse Lacey once said that was his goal was “to write some songs that mean so much to people, and sound so beautiful, that people want to fall apart and sleep forever,” and I can’t help but to wonder how it must feel to have reached that.

The 4 (sometimes 5?) band mates and friends have been consistently humble, gracious and modest – some qualities more bands needs to acquire. They are indifferent to anyone and anything that doesn’t have to do with genuine noise. They have never been all about “the scene” and selling out. They’ve never done anything to please anyone but themselves, and while they got a small taste of selling out, they let it go, because as soon as you give into all this corporate pop music bullshit, you’re automatically disgracing the music you make because it becomes about something more than music. Brand New has always made the nobel choice in order to a keep the sounds they make and the words that come from their brains genuine and sacred. And that, is one of many reasons why fans are so attracted and addicted to this band. Sometimes I sit and wonder why I have loved this band as much as I do, for as long as I have. I think I’ve just answered the question, no?

I could write about this band until dawn, but animals need sleep too.. So, lets get on with it, and celebrate that Brand new is now unsigned and free to let their minds wander in which ever creative direction they desire. Have a glass of wine! Smoke a fattie! Go out dancing! Spin in your chair until you feel really dizzy! Go grazing in the finest fields! Whatever you see fit. We are EXTREMELY excited to see which new path these men will create and build. We could not be happier for their independence as artists. Will they sign with a new label, or record with their own Procrastinate Music Traitors? It’s too soon to tell, but we’re excited to find out. One thing I can say right now is that these guys are too passionate about what they do to stop playing music.

When you think I’m sunk, I will float on and on

The National – High Violet

Woah woah woah woah woah! Listen to The National’s new album High Violet. This new masterpiece is going to drop in stores on May 11th.

Listen to the whole album HERE!
Listen to the whole album HERE!
Listen to the whole album HERE!
Listen to the whole album HERE!
Listen to the whole album HERE!

Let us know what you think!

The National’s Myspace
The National’s Website

CONTEST; Win A Copy of MiniBoone’s ‘Big Changes’!!!

Hello Everyone! So, even though we’re been terrible bloggers lately, we are proud to bring you the first ever contest here at WATS! Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win one of three copies of MiniBoone’s Big Changes. Be sure to fill our your email field! Three winners will be randomly drawn on April 13/2010! Good luck!


1. Summer Jam (click to listen!)

2. Cool Kids Cut Out of the Heart Itself

3. Devil In Your Eyes (click to listen!)

4. Rosalina Must Dance Alone

5. I Need

6. Funny Money

– The Wolf & The Sheep

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