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Future Islands – Little Dreamer ;

Dreams. Dreams. dreams. little dreams. Big dreams. good Dreams. Bad dreams. Dreams, regardless of the fact, are something that each and every one of us experience on on a daily basis and whether we are aware of their presence or not, they are always there. Whether you’re actually sleeping or you find yourself experiencing something so phenomenal that it seems unreal, a dream is a dream. Metaphorically and even at times literally, we have no control over when our dreams begin or come to an end and although constant, ultimately, the power to come and go lies within the grasp of that elated state. We are but mere pawns in the hands of our own euphoria.

I can not quite find a reason why I fell in love with this song so quickly but midway through the first listen, it caught me and has yet to let me go. ‘Little Dreamer’ by Future Islands (off of their CD Wave Like Home) is almost like a lullaby (an indie lullaby, if you will), swooping beneath my feet and carrying me to my own little reserve above the chaos for a much needed time out. This song is simply gorgeous in the sense that as a complete piece, it is perfect.

If you find yourself needing some time away from what ever it is that is keeping you from feeling your best, give this song a chance. Life is lovely in a dream but at some point, no matter how blissfully brilliant things have become, reality always finds its way back to take what it has loaned you and have you pay off your debts through experiencing that weighted sense of loss. However, don’t give up too easily; don’t wake up with the first alarm, keep your eyes closed for as long as possible. Find the repeat button, stay wrapped and coated in the bliss that ignorance has brought you and hold on.

I caught you sleeping here, all wrapped in wool
I caught you sleeping here, it almost broke my heart
I found you dreaming
I’m dreaming of you always

When I was just a child, a lonely boy
I held onto my dreams, like they could run from me
The hopes I harbored fled, as they often do
But I still dreamed of you
And now my dreams come true

And as we say goodnight, I hold you close and tight
No more raging suns, only waning ones
Like the waxing scar where my lonely heart
Once bloomed before I met you

My little dreamer, I’ll always
Always dream of you

Little Dreamer by Future Islands

Download ‘Little Dreamer’ here.

The brilliant Victoria Legrand of Beach House recently did her part in taking this song one step beyond the border of perfection and making it even more dream-like with the Jones Remix, which can be found below.

Little Dreamer (Jones Remix) by Future Islands (featuring Victoria Legrand)

Dream on, guys.

Future Islands’ Myspace
Purchase ‘Wave Like Home’ here.
Download ‘Little Dreamer’ here.

The Republic of Wolves – The Clouds (demo);

One of the best things about having the original version of a song is being able to compare it to a demo version or a remixed version when a band is kind enough to share it with you. In this case, one of my personal favorite tracks on The Republic of Wolves’ EP His Old Branches (#1 EP of 2009) The Clouds, has been released as a demo with a link to a free download on Gregg Andrew Dellarocca’s – one of the five wolves’ – tumblr page.

This song brilliantly covers a wide spectrum of emotions ranging from what seems to be experiencing, dealing with and attempting to move on from loss. As the song begins, we are immediately introduced to inevitable death in the face of what was once patient hope. The inability to comprehend and accept the concept of ‘being without’ follows shortly after, where alcohol is introduced as a method to erase what realities are present and flood the mind with the delusion that the taller the bottle, the easier it will be to bring back what is missing. The ‘floor’ (or ‘ghost’ in the EP version of the song) gives no response to the main character’s attempts at finding closure through carrying on conversation with open space and though his attempts are tireless, they are fruitless as well and it is then that he begins to realize that there is no changing the certainty of death. There is, at this point, an immediate shift in the mood of the song, which is complimented by the sound itself – no longer attempting to stretch the realms of reality and giving rest to the inner battle that one faces when trying to achieve the impossible – the song hits a cathartic stride. What is left to bring back memories of what is lost is to be buried, hidden and tucked away – not to be forgotten but to be done because it is necessary for rescue, release, rebirth and growth. However, what takes a piece of us remains a part of us forever – so, no matter how deep we bury our memories, we never actually bury them deep enough to let go completely – ‘and they will stay there underground but no matter what I do I never will stop talking to you.’

(At least, that is how I interpret the song, have a listen and let us know what you think!)

After downloading the free The Clouds demo be sure to purchase His Old Branches (if you haven’t already!) which includes the released version of The Clouds along with 6 other songs that are just as amazing! It’s Friday, you had a long week, treat yourself to something you are sure to fall in love with!

I still see your face in the day.
And I see your eyes in the bottle that was way too tall
I finished it just to see if we could talk.
Now I’m speaking with the floor again
It’s telling me that I don’t listen.

The Republic of WolvesThe Clouds (demo)

Also featured on Mr. Dellarocca’s tumblr page is a link to receive a free download of Canossa (demo) by Tigers on Trains (an equally amazing band made up of Christian Van Deurs and Mason Maggio- two out of the five wolves), which we’ve mentioned in a previous post, here! And while you’re there, be sure to pick up Tigers on Trains’ debut album Grandfather as well!

And sure enough we spent the day
Dreaming of ways to make the past come back
We drew the sky up on the wall
You drew the sun and I drew the clouds
That’s when I realized I was casting all this shade

Tigers on TrainsCanossa (demo)

We haven’t steered you wrong yet, have we? These albums will change your life.

Oh and this isn’t the last of The Republic of Wolves’! Stay tuned for a full review of His Old Branches(#1 EP of 2009) in the very near future!

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